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Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks Mint - 75 Count - Crest Whitestrips United Kingdom

Oral B

Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks Mint - 75 Count

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Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks
  • 75 Floss Picks included.
  • Helps prevent surface stains between teeth by removing plaque which can lead to unsightly tartar.
  • Shred Resistant.
  • Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces* *vs. the leading floss pick.


Make flossing a refreshing part of your daily Oral Care routine with Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks. With a convenient one-time use design, these dental floss picks help prevent surface stains between teeth. Plus, the unique pick design helps remove food particles and plaque between teeth and below the gumline. Sliding up to 50% more easily than the leading floss picks and flavored with the cool taste of Radiant Mint, Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks are whats been missing from your routine.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our products are sourced directly from Proctor & Gamble's (Crest) authorised distributors in the United States. We stand by the quality and effectiveness of our products which is why we offer a 50% refund If you are unhappy with the results of your treatment. It's that simple!* We appreciate you trying our products and we hope that everyone receives the results they'd hoped for. If this is not the case however, we will honour a 50% refund for your troubles. 

Please make sure that you follow the instructions that come with your product to ensure that the product is used correctly and for its purpose as advised by Crest. Full treatment results indicated by Crest are based on appropriate use of each kit by one person. Refunds will be issued after the full treatment course is used. Results may vary if products are not used as advised. 

If you are having sensitivity issues with any of our products, please space your treatments out to one treatment every other day, or every three days to alleviate the symptoms. This is recommended by Crest for those who have any issues with sensitivity.

Everyone responds differently to certain treatments. Cali White cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions experienced by the correct or incorrect use of Crest Whitestrips or associated products. We do our best to ensure the safety of all products sold and will work with our customers to achieve a mutually desirable outcome. 

*Full use of your kit is required to receive the best results from your treatment. No refunds will be issued to customers who have not completed at least 75% of their treatment. We receive many fraudulent refund claims from customers who have not used their treatment appropriately. You will know towards the end of your treatment if your results are satisfactory as the whitening process is gradual and takes time for the full effect to show.

Please note: The shipping process can be rough on some packages. We try to mitigate this as much as possible but in some cases the packaging may take a knock or two while in transit. This in no way affects the quality of the treatment inside. 

Please Email Us Directly to Request a Refund.

Refunds Must be requested within 30 Days of purchase. 

We do limit refunds to one per customer. So be conscious of this if you place another order. (Due to many fraudulent claims, in orders containing multiple products, we will authorise the refund for the one product causing the issues).



We try our best to ship all orders within 24 hours on working days. This may take longer if PayPal has flagged the transaction as possible fraud, in which case we will notify you immediately to resolve the situation or if there are issues with shipping, in which case you will also be notified.

* All shipments have tracking except Royal First Class or Next Day.

Shipping Times

Unboxed Crest Whitestrips

 1-2 Working Days

Free Expedited Delivery 

(Signed for Additional Cost)

Retail Sealed Crest Whitestrips

3-6 Working Days

Free Standard Delivery


Why Buy From Us

  • Authentic Crest Whitestrips. We buy directly from Proctor and Gamble (Crest) in the United States.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

  • Customer Service



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