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Our Whitest White for a Multi-Dimensional Smile

Whitens as well as a $500 Professional Laser Treatment.

Results last up to 18 months.

Apply once a day for 1 Hour.

Advanced Seal™ Technology no-slip grip stays put so you can talk and drink water while whitening teeth.

Uses the same enamel-safe teeth whitening agent dentists use.

Covers 30% more of your smile vs. a non-flexing strip.

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Buy In Sealed Retail Box with 42 Strips/21 Treatments

Unboxed Option - Save Money. We unbox the whitestrips and place them in a security envelope. This means more treatment options for you, and even bigger savings!


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Total number of Whitestrips (top & bottom whitestrips)
Treatment Quantity
28 Whitestrips
14 Treatments
14 Whitestrips
7 Treatments
10 Whitestrips
5 Treatments
6 Whitestrips
3 Treatments

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Unleash a brilliantly dimensional smile with Crest 3D White Supreme Flex Fit Whitestrips. They whiten as well as a $500 professional laser treatment, giving you that megawatt smile that turns heads. These Whitestrips bring the power of professional whitening to your home, so you can upgrade to a brilliantly white smile, quickly and easily. Crest's exclusive Flex Fit technology allows these strips to stretch, covering 30% more of your smile vs. a non-flexing strip.

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